English Christian Song | "God's Plan Has Never Changed"

May 17, 2024


God has not made a single change to His plan since its inception.

It's simply that, as far as man is concerned,

those to whom God directs His words seem to be diminishing in number,

as are those of whom He truly approves.

But God maintains His plan has never changed;

rather, it's the faith and love of man

that are ever changing, ever waning,

to the extent that it's possible for each person to go from fawning over God

to being cold toward Him and even casting Him out.


God's attitude toward you will be neither hot nor cold,

until He feels disgust and abhorrence, and finally metes out punishment.

However, on the day of your punishment,

God will still see you, but you shall no longer be able to see Him.

As life among you already has become tedious and dull to God,

so, needless to say, He has chosen different surroundings in which to live,

the better to avoid the hurt of your malicious words

and steer clear of your unbearably sordid behavior,

that you may no longer fool God or treat Him in a perfunctory manner.

Before God leaves you, He must still exhort you

to refrain from doing what is not in line with the truth.

Rather, you should do that which is pleasing to all,

that which brings benefit to all and your own destination,

otherwise the one who suffers in the midst of disaster

will be none other than yourself, none other than yourself.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Prepare Sufficient Good Deeds for Your Destination

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