4 Almighty God, Christ of the Last Days

1 The lightning has come from the East and shone to the West. The Son of man has appeared and expresses the truth to judge mankind—He is Almighty God, Christ of the last days. Almighty God has opened the seven seals; He has unfurled the scroll. His judgment has begun from the house of God, and the judgment of the last days has commenced. The words of Almighty God are the truth; they have conquered the hearts of millions, and the wise virgins, hearing the voice of God, have come back before God’s throne. God’s words have judged and exposed the origins and truth of mankind’s corruption. His judgment and chastisement have purified and saved those who are raised before the throne of God.

2 Almighty God has expressed all the truths that judge, cleanse, and save mankind. He has made manifest His righteous disposition. Through the judgment of God’s words, His people have seen their own satanic natures; through hardships, trials and refinement, their corrupt dispositions have been cleansed and changed. Each person kneels before God, their heart filled with reverence, praising His righteousness and holiness. The disposition of God is not only merciful and loving—it is, moreover, righteous and majestic. Almighty God is the one true God who judges and saves mankind. Almighty God has brought the way of everlasting life, and He is mankind’s only hope.

3 Almighty God has formed a group of overcomers in China, making manifest His omnipotence and wisdom. The evil forces of the great red dragon have long been shamed and defeated; they are in their death throes. God has defeated Satan and been fully glorified, and His great work has come to completion. Almighty God judges the evil, corrupt world with His righteousness, majesty, and wrath. Great catastrophes obliterate all hostile forces, and the will of God is carried out on earth. Almighty God has sat upon the throne of glory, and the kingdom of Christ has appeared. All nations and peoples have been conquered by God’s words and come to worship Almighty God, Christ of the last days.

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