The Word Appears in the Flesh

Volume 4, Exposing Antichrists

Exposing Antichrists is the fourth volume in The Word Appears in the Flesh. This book is a specialized series of sermons and fellowships given by Almighty God, Christ of the last days, among the churches. God thoroughly exposes every manifestation of the dispositions of antichrists, making them perfectly clear to people and significantly helping them discern the nature essence of antichrists. The dispositions of antichrists are satanic dispositions, shared by corrupt mankind. To be saved by God, one must accept the judgment of God’s words before they can be purified. These antichrist-exposing truths serve as a warning, prompt, revelation, and judgment, which are extremely beneficial toward understanding the truth, knowing oneself, and obtaining purification. Only by discerning antichrists can one avoid being deceived by others, stop idolizing and following other people, and instead achieve the result of following, obeying, and worshiping God.

Utterances of Christ of the Last Days


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