132 What God’s Work and Words Bring to Man Is All Life

Verse 1

God holds not to the old, nor takes the usual path;

there’s no prohibition in His work and words.

In God, all is free, liberated, with no constraints.

And He brings man freedom and liberation.

He’s the living God, who truly exists.

No puppet, no idol, He is different than this.

He’s living and vibrant, His words and work

bring life and light, all freedom to mankind.

Chorus 1

Because He holds the truth, the life, and the way,

in His words and work He is not constrained.

Because He holds the truth, the life, and the way,

in His words and work He is not constrained.

Verse 2

No matter what people say or how they perceive His new work,

He will still carry out His work, unreserved.

He doesn’t worry over man’s notions or finger-pointing.

Their strong opposition does not hold Him back.

No human reason, imagining, knowledge, or morality

can be used as a measure or define what God does.

None of creation can discredit, disturb,

none can interfere with His work.


Nothing and no one prohibits what He does,

and it won’t be constrained by any thing or anyone.

No hostile forces will disrupt anything.

In His new work, He’s an ever-victorious King.

Any hostile forces and all man’s heresies,

they are all trampled under His footstool.

No matter which new stage of His work He is doing,

it must be developed and expanded among man,

carried out without hindrance in the whole universe

until He has completed His great work.

Chorus 2

This is God’s almightiness, His wisdom and power.

There are no prohibitions with almighty God.

In His work He has principles, but no prohibitions,

because God Himself is the truth, the way, and the life.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 2. On Knowing God. God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and God Himself III

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