836 God Endures Great Humiliation

1 Two thousand years ago He lived with sinners for a number of years. That was for the sake of redemption. Today He is living with a group of filthy, lowly people. This is for the sake of salvation. And if it weren’t to save mankind, why would He return to the flesh a second time, born in this land where demons congregate, and live with these people who have been deeply corrupted by Satan? All of this only means that God’s love for mankind is so selfless, the suffering and humiliation He endures is so great! Don’t you know that He suffers such great humiliation for all of you and for your destiny?

2 God would rather be born in a filthy land and suffer all the humiliation for the sake of all mankind’s survival. God is very real—He does no false work. Hasn’t every stage of His work been done this practically? Although people all malign Him and say that He sits at the table with sinners, even though people all mock Him and say that He lives with the sons of filth, with the lowliest of people, He still selflessly dedicates Himself, and He is still rejected this way among mankind. Isn’t the suffering He endures greater than yours? Isn’t His work more than the price you have paid?

Adapted from “The Significance of Saving the Descendants of Moab” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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