171 God Incarnate Is More Suited to the Work of Salvation

Verse 1

God does His judgment work in the last days

by appearing as His incarnate self.

Since it’s man of corrupt flesh being judged,

not the spirit of Satan directly,

judgment isn’t done in the spiritual world,

but in the world of human beings.


No one is better

than God in the flesh

for the work of judging

the corruption of man’s flesh.

Verse 2

If judgment were done by the Spirit directly,

it would fail to be all-embracing.

The work would be hard for man to accept,

for the Spirit can’t come face-to-face with man.

Effects wouldn’t come fast, much less could man see clearly

God’s unoffendable disposition.

Verse 3

Satan can only be beaten if God in the flesh

judges the corruption of mankind.

Being like man with normal humanity,

He can directly judge man’s unrighteousness;

this marks the holiness that’s innate to Him,

and also His extraordinariness.


Only God’s in the place

where He can judge man,

for He has the truth

and righteousness.

No one without them

is fit to judge.


If this work were done by God’s Spirit,

then it would not mean Satan’s defeat.

The Spirit’s more exalted than mortal man.

He is holy and triumphant over flesh.

If the Spirit did the work directly,

He couldn’t judge all man’s rebellion,

nor reveal all man’s evil.


No one is better

than God in the flesh

for the work of judging

the corruption of man’s flesh.

Verse 4

The judgment is done through man’s notions of God,

and man has no notions of the Spirit,

so the Spirit can’t show mankind’s unrighteousness,

much less disclose it completely.

God incarnate is the foe of anyone

who doesn’t possess knowledge of Him.

Verse 5

Through judging man’s notions and defiance,

He shows mankind’s disobedience.

His work in the flesh has more striking effects

than those of the work of the Spirit.

So judgment’s not done by the Spirit directly

but is the work of God incarnate.


God in the flesh can be seen and touched by man.

God in the flesh can completely conquer man.

In his relationship with God in the flesh,

man goes from defiance to obedience,

from persecution to acceptance,

from notions to knowledge,

from rejection to love.

These are the effects of God incarnate’s work.

Adapted from “Corrupt Mankind Is More in Need of the Salvation of the Incarnate God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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