910 God’s Authority to Bring Back the Dead


When Jesus resurrected Lazarus,

He said only, “Lazarus, come forth.”

So what do these words show?

Verse 1

God can do anything just by speaking,

including bringing a man back from the dead.

When God created the world and all things,

He did so with spoken commands, words with force.

Thus all was made, and it was accomplished.

Verse 2

These few words Jesus spoke were just like God’s

when He made the heavens and earth and all things.

They held God’s authority and His power.

All was formed and stood because of God’s words,

and Jesus’ words brought Lazarus back to life.


This was God’s authority, shown and realized

in His incarnate flesh.

This authority belonged to the Creator

and the Son of man in whom

the Creator was realized.

God taught this to man

by bringing Lazarus back from the dead.

Verse 3

When the Lord Jesus caused things to happen

like bringing Lazarus back from the dead,

His goal was to prove to humans and Satan

and let them know that all about mankind,

including life and death, are decreed by God.

Verse 4

This was so that mankind and Satan would know

though God became flesh, He stayed in command

of the physical world that can be seen

and the spiritual world man can’t see,

and that Satan doesn’t rule all about mankind.


This was a revelation and a demonstration of God’s authority;

it was a way for God to send a message to all things,

that man’s life and death are in God’s hands.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 2. On Knowing God. God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and God Himself III

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