257 God Has Not Yet Been Comforted

1 Having tasted of the full bitterness of fleshly corruption, I detest and hate Satan even more. God’s words expose and judge me harshly, and I now clearly see the truth of my own corruption. By accepting God’s judgment and refinement, I am purified, and only afterward do I know that gaining the truth means having life. I see that God’s work to save man is not easy. With conscience and reason, I should submit to God. God endures humiliation to perform His work, and He does it to gain a group of people who love Him. Deep down, I feel guilt and self-reproach; if I don’t repay God’s love, then I’m unworthy of being called human. God is waiting for man to repent. I can no longer debase myself and live an empty life. I have not gained the truth or lived out a human likeness, so how could I give up so easily?

2 God’s work is coming to an end, and I haven’t yet had much change in my disposition. Without the reality of the truth, how can I stand firm? How can I put God’s mind at ease and earn His trust? I’m nowhere near what God requires, so how can I satisfy Him if I don’t practice the truth? God has not yet been comforted; I should live for Him to repay Him. To satisfy God’s intentions, I’m willing to endure any suffering. If I let Him down, I’ll regret it for life, and will be too ashamed to face Him. As a human, I must strive with all my efforts, and not disobey or hurt God’s heart any longer. I wish to turn toward righteousness, and to forever love and be devoted to God; only with the truth am I worthy of being called human.

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