90 God’s Love Is Most Genuine

1 There is a Son of man; He came from heaven. To save mankind, He hides in humble obscurity in flesh. He expresses the truth, judging and cleansing man; His words provide for people, and bestow upon them the way of eternal life. He has devoted all His efforts to the salvation of corrupt mankind. His harsh judgment expels man’s sinful nature. His disposition is righteous, holy, and filled with love and compassion. He has paid every price so that man can be cleansed. All of His words are the truth, and have granted man a path to salvation.

2 My beloved is so lovable, with such a beautiful heart: He works His heart out, meticulously feeding and watering man. Working to save mankind, He toils day and night, sharing in people’s tribulations and leading them to victory over Satan. His righteous judgment is replete with wrath and majesty; He does battle with the great red dragon, throwing caution to the wind to save all peoples. He conquers all hostile forces, demonstrating His authority. And He uses the service of Satan to make a group of overcomers. He has utterly defeated Satan, and gained full glory.

3 My beloved, You are so beautiful, and have me entranced: Your genuine sacrifice touches my heart. Beloved of my heart, it is time for You to leave: When will we meet again? When shall we convene once more? Your righteousness and holiness inspire reverence deep within me; Your love, pure and without blemish, I cherish without cease. I will always remember Your commission, and fulfill my duties to satisfy You; I shall bring You comfort, and live up to Your expectations. I would do Your will, loving You and bearing testimony for You unto eternity!

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