1004 God’s Requirements of His Followers


God requires those who follow Him

to have true belief and loyalty, complete submission,

genuine knowledge, and heartfelt reverence.

Verse 1

God requires people not to question Him

or follow Him with vague ideas or viewpoints,

nor follow Him on fantasies and notions.

Those who follow Him must do so loyally,

not half-heartedly or without commitment.

Verse 2

When God makes of you any requirements,

when He tests, judges, prunes and deals with you,

or corrects and smites you, you must submit fully.

Don’t ask the cause or reasons or make conditions.

Your obedience must be absolute.


When it comes to the knowledge God wants man to have,

He asks more than recognizing Him and His words,

but that your knowledge of Him be correct.

You may know just a tiny bit,

but this is correct and true, and fits with God’s essence.

For God hates praise or commendation

that is not realistic or well thought-out.

Verse 3

God despises it when people treat Him like air

and when people talk of Him without the facts,

without hesitation, any way they want.

He hates those who think they know Him and boast of it,

talking of Him without any constraint.

Verse 4

Heartfelt reverence is God’s last requirement.

When someone has true, correct knowledge of Him,

they are able to shun evil and revere God.

This reverence comes from the depths of the heart.

It’s given willingly, not due to God’s pressure.


God does not ask you to make a gift

of any nice attitude or behavior,

but to revere and fear Him deep in your heart.

This comes from changes in your disposition,

gaining knowledge of God and of His deeds,

coming to understand God’s essence,

and acknowledging you are God’s creature.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 2. On Knowing God. God Himself, the Unique X

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