416 God’s Sheep Can Hear His Voice

1 The days will come to an end; all things in the world will come to nothing, and all things will be born anew. Remember this! Remember this! There can be no ambiguity! Heaven and earth shall pass away but My words shall not pass away! Let Me exhort you once again: Don’t run in vain! Wake up! Repent and salvation is at hand! I have already appeared amongst you and My voice has arisen.

2 My voice has arisen before you, face-to-face with you every day, fresh and new every day. You see Me and I see you, I speak to you constantly, face-to-face with you. And yet you reject Me, you don’t know Me; My sheep can hear My voice and yet still you hesitate! You hesitate! Your heart is waxed gross, your eyes are blinded by Satan and you cannot see My glorious countenance—how pitiful! How pitiful!

3 The seven Spirits before My throne are sent to all corners of the earth and I will send My Messenger to speak to the churches. I am righteous and faithful, I am the God that examines the deepest parts of man’s heart. The Spirit speaks to the churches; all those who have ears should listen! All those who live should accept! Simply eat and drink them, and do not doubt. All those who obey and heed My words will receive great blessings!

4 All those who seek sincerely for My face will surely have new light, new enlightenment and new insights; all will be fresh and new. My words will appear to you at any time and they will open the eyes of your spirit that you may see all the mysteries of the spiritual realm and that the kingdom is among man. Enter into the refuge and all grace and blessings will be upon you, famine and plague will not be able to touch you, wolves, serpents, tigers and leopards will be unable to harm you. You will be with Me and walk with Me together into glory!

Adapted from “Chapter 15” of Utterances of Christ in the Beginning in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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