115 The Truth of God’s Words Is So Precious

1 God has come to live with man on earth, expressing many truths. No longer do I search in vagueness, for I have God’s words to guide me. Each day, I read God’s words and live before God; the Holy Spirit enlightens and illuminates me. I understand the truth ever more clearly, and my life gradually grows. God’s words expose the true facts of man’s corruption, and all are utterly convinced. Through the judgment of God’s words and suffering through trials, my corrupt dispositions are being cleansed. Enjoying the richness of God’s words, I have gained so much. Seeing the righteousness and holiness of God’s disposition, my heart is filled with awe and veneration.

2 Reading God’s words, I understand the truth and transcend the constraints of the flesh. Seeking the truth and obeying God as I perform my duty, I live out the semblance of an honest person. Shedding my corrupt dispositions, I see the truth of God’s words is so precious. Practicing God’s words, I gain truth and life, and my heart could ask for nothing more. Seeing how great, how real is God’s love, I gladly give my true heart to God. No matter what troubles and hardships lie ahead, I follow God with supreme faith. Seeking to love God, and to fear God and shun evil, the way is ever brighter. Following Christ to the very end, being faithful to God, I welcome His smiling appearance.

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