870 God Suffers Great Torment for Man’s Salvation

Verse 1

This time, God has become flesh

to perform the work still to be done,

to judge and bring this age to an end,

to save man from the sea of suffering,

to thoroughly conquer humanity,

to change people’s life dispositions.

Verse 2

Many are the sleepless nights

God endures for the sake of the work,

the work to be done for mankind.

He has descended from the highest place

to the lowest place, this human hell,

in order to pass His days with man.

Bridge 1

God has never complained

of the shabbiness amongst men,

nor has He reproached man

for his rebelliousness;

rather, God has endured great shame

so all men may soon enjoy rest.

God has suffered injustice

and come to earth to save mankind.

Verse 3

Many times He’s faced the stars,

many times He’s risen before dawn,

many times He’s worked into the night.

He has endured extreme agony,

He’s been subjected to people’s attacks,

and He’s been subjected to their breaking.

Bridge 2

God has descended down,

He has come to this land of filth,

enduring man’s ravages,

enduring man’s oppression.

He’s done this in obscurity,

without excessive demands of men.

He Himself has performed all the work

that’s necessary for mankind.


God teaches and enlightens man,

He refines them with His words.

He reminds, exhorts and comforts them,

judging and exposing them.

Despite erasing their prospects and fate,

everything He does is for their sake;

it is all so they can survive,

escape oppressive forces as black as night.

Every step He takes is for humanity’s sake;

every step is so men can have

a beautiful destination on earth.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Work and Entry

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