691 The Onset of Illness Is God’s Love

Verse 1

Almighty God, Head of all things,

wields kingly power from His throne,

ruling over all things,

guiding us on this earth.

Come before Him, learn at all times.

All people, objects and matters

are all permitted by God’s throne.

So if sickness befalls,

God has good intentions.

Don’t complain, His grace He’ll bestow.

Chorus 1

Even if the body suffers,

Satan’s ideas you can’t keep.

Praise God during illness.

Don’t lose heart or give up.

God will shine His light when you seek.

God will shine His light when you seek.

Verse 2

Think of Job, how faithful he was.

God is a powerful doctor.

Dwell in sickness, you’re sick.

Dwell in spirit, you’re fine.

If you breathe, God won’t let you die.

Chorus 2

Resurrected Christ’s life is in us,

but we really lack faith in God.

May He put the faith in us.

All His words are so sweet.

God’s word is medicine for all.

God’s word is medicine for all.


Shame the devils and shame Satan.

God’s word quickly will save our hearts.

God’s word is our support.

It dispels all bad things.

It sets everything in peace.

Verse 3

Faith is like a single log bridge.

The coward cannot get across.

But those who sacrifice,

they are able to pass.

Satan fools, with timid thoughts.

Chorus 3

Satan devises many ways

to try to send us its bad thoughts.

Often pray for God’s light,

rely on Him to cleanse our poison.

Come close to God, let Him rule us all.

Come close to God, let Him rule us all.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Utterances of Christ in the Beginning, Chapter 6

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