680 People’s Love Becomes Pure Only Through the Suffering of Refinement

Verse 1

Through his lifetime, Peter suffered

hundreds of painful trials.

Such refinement was the foundation

of his supreme love of God.

It was the most significant experience of his whole life.

His love of God was thanks to his will,

but more his refinement and suffering.

Bridge 1

Such suffering was his guide to loving God,

was the most memorable thing to him.

Chorus 1

If people don’t go through the pain

of refinement when loving God,

their love follows its natural course,

overrun with preferences.

If people don’t go through the pain

of refinement when loving God,

their love is full of Satan’s thoughts

and cannot satisfy God’s will.

Verse 2

Resolving to love God is not

the same as truly loving God.

One may only hold in their heart

loving, satisfying Him,

as if it lacked human ideas,

as if it were all for God.

But before God, all of this cannot

be commended or blessed.

Bridge 2

Even when one may grasp and know all truths,

that’s not a sign of truly loving God.

Chorus 2

Though people may have understood

many truths without refinement,

they are incapable of

putting these truths into practice.

Only when they are refined

can people truly understand

the real meaning of these truths

and appreciate their deep meaning.

Verse 3

At that time they are able to practice truth

properly as God wills.

Then will their human thoughts recede,

human naturalness reduce.

And at that time will all their human

emotions be lessened too.

It’s only then that all they do

truly expresses loving God.

Chorus 3

The truth of loving God

bears not fruit through spoken knowledge,

or wishes or understanding,

but demands a price be paid.

It requires man to suffer,

to suffer much in refinement.

Only then will man’s love be pure

and satisfy God’s heart for sure.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Only by Experiencing Refinement Can Man Possess True Love

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