Excursus Six: Summarizing the Character of Antichrists and Their Disposition Essence (Part Three) Section Three

g. Denial, Condemnation, Passing Judgment, and Blasphemy

Next, let’s fellowship about the terms of denial, condemnation, judgment, and blasphemy. Due to being filled with doubts about God, antichrists show no interest in any truths expressed by God. Their hearts are filled with aversion and hatred, and they never acknowledge that Christ is the truth, let alone show any submission. Because they often doubt and suspect God in their hearts, frequently forming notions and various ideas about God’s actions, they constantly and involuntarily make evaluations, thinking, “Does God really exist? What does He mean by what He says? If they are evaluated from the viewpoints of knowledge and doctrine, how should these words be understood? What does God mean by saying these things? What does He mean by using this term? Whom is He addressing?” They research and research, and after years of such investigation, they still cannot see the most crucial truth in the words God expresses and the work He does: that God is the truth, the life, and the way—they cannot understand or see this. When people say that all of God’s words are the truth, antichrists ponder and think, “All His words are the truth? Aren’t they just some ordinary words? Just some conventional statements? There’s nothing profound about them.” Looking at God’s work, they think, “I don’t see the aura of a god from what He does in the church or among His chosen ones. They say that God is sovereign over all, but I can’t see it. No matter if I look through a magnifying glass or an astronomical telescope, I can’t see the form of God, and no matter how I look, I can’t discover His deeds. So, at present I am unable to confirm 100% whether God really exists. But if I say that God doesn’t exist, I’ve heard about the existence of some weird and paranormal things in the world; so in that case, God ought to exist. But what does God actually look like? How does God act? I don’t know. The simplest way is to see what God does in and says to those who follow Him.” Through observation, they see that God’s house often prunes people, frequently promotes and dismisses people, and often engages in fellowship, discussion, exchange, and more with people about various duties and about work related to various professions. They think, “Aren’t these all things that people do? None of them are supernatural; they’re all very normal, and I can’t see or feel how the Spirit of God is working. If I can’t feel it, couldn’t it be said that the work of the Holy Spirit doesn’t exist? Isn’t it all imagined in people’s consciousness and in their minds? If the work of the Holy Spirit doesn’t exist, then does the Spirit of God actually exist? Seems like that is also questionable. If the Spirit of God doesn’t exist, then does God actually exist? It’s hard to say.” After five years of experience, they can’t reach a confirmation, and after ten or even fifteen years of experience, they still can’t. What kind of people are these? They have been revealed—they are disbelievers. These disbelievers bum around God’s house like this, just going with the flow. If others are spreading the gospel, they do it too; if others are doing their duties, they do so as well. If they meet with an opportunity for promotion, they think they can “hold office” in God’s house, and for the sake of status, they are capable of putting forth some effort. At the same time, they can also act recklessly, causing disruptions and disturbances; if they are ordinary church members without any status, they can find ways to cut corners, doing some work for show. This is what it means to bum around. Why do I say “bum around”? In their hearts, they harbor doubts and denial toward God, maintaining an attitude of denial toward God’s existence and essence, which leads them to do their duties reluctantly in God’s house. They do not comprehend and are always thinking to themselves, “What’s the point of doing my duty and following God in this way? I’m not earning money at a job or living a normal life. Some young people even dedicate their entire lives to expending themselves for God, but what will they gain? So, I’ll observe first. If I can truly get to the bottom of things and see the hope of receiving blessings, it won’t be in vain to put in effort and expend myself. If I can’t receive God’s accurate words or get to the bottom of things, then it’s not a loss to bum around. After all, I won’t be exhausted, and I won’t have given too much.” Isn’t this just bumming around? They aren’t sincere in anything they do, they can’t sustain or excel in anything, and they can’t genuinely pay the price. This is what it means to bum around. Even though they are bumming around, their thoughts are not idle—they’re very busy. They are full of notions and ideas about many things that God does, and for many things that don’t align with their own notions, they evaluate them in their hearts using knowledge, laws, social morals, traditional culture, and so on. Despite all their evaluation, they not only fail to see the truth through assessment or find the principles of practicing the truth, they end up instead coming up with all kinds of condemnations, judgments and even blasphemies toward God and His work. What do antichrists pass judgment on first? They say, “The work of God’s house is all decided by people; it’s all done by humans. I can’t see God working or the Holy Spirit leading and guiding whatsoever.” Isn’t this the statement of disbelievers? Claiming that everything is done by people reveals many issues. For example, if God’s house elects and cultivates someone not to their liking, their hearts become unyielding. Can antichrists truly submit? (No, they can’t.) So, what will they do? They will try to undermine it. If undermining it fails, and none of the brothers and sisters listens to them or supports them, they will start condemning it, saying, “God’s house is unfair and lacks principles in how it deals with people. There are many swift horses in the world, but no one who can recognize them.” What does this mean? It implies that they are swift horses, but unfortunately, God’s house lacks someone who can recognize them. After condemning this matter done by God’s house that doesn’t align with their notions, they will start to spread things such as rumors, notions, and negativity. Of course, all of their words will be harsh. Some might even say, “These folks are educated, good-looking, smartly dressed, and from the city; we are rural folk, we have some talent but we’re not able to express ourselves, or to communicate with the Above—it’s not easy for us to be promoted. Those who are promoted in God’s house are all eloquent, good at flattery, and have strategies. I, on the other hand, am not articulate or eloquent, and merely having inner talents is useless. So, in God’s house, the saying ‘There are many swift horses, but few who can recognize them’ applies just as it does in the world.” What does this statement mean? Isn’t it passing judgment? They pass judgment on the work of God’s house and spread their judgments behind the scenes. In their approach to God, His work, His expressions, His words, His disposition, and His various ways of working, antichrists use knowledge and philosophy to assess, research, and reason about them. Ultimately, they arrive at an erroneous conclusion. Therefore, they never seriously accept, comprehend, or ponder any of the words spoken by God in their hearts. Instead, they treat God’s words as merely a kind of theory or a sort of nice-sounding words. When matters arise, they don’t take God’s words as the foundation and principle for how they view, define, and measure each matter. Instead, they use human perspectives and Satan’s philosophy and theories to judge these matters. The conclusions they draw are that nothing is in line with their own notions, and every word that God expresses and every action He takes are not to their liking. In the end, from the perspective of antichrists, everything God does is condemned.

Some antichrists always desire to hold power in God’s house, but they lack caliber and special skills, so they inevitably end up doing some trivial tasks in God’s house, such as cleaning, distributing items, and other simple, routine tasks. In short, people of this sort definitely cannot become church leaders, preachers, or the like. However, they are not content with being ordinary followers or with doing what they consider to be mediocre work, because they are filled with ambition. How is being full of ambition manifested? They want to inquire, ask about, be in the know, and especially intervene in every large or small matter in God’s house. If there’s some work that requires labor of them, they are always inquiring, “How is the printing of books for our house of God going? How is the selection of our church’s film director? Who is the current director? Who is writing the scripts? Who is the small district leader here, and what are they like?” What do they mean asking about these things? Should they inquire or get involved in these matters? (No, they shouldn’t.) These are all general affairs unrelated to the truth. Why are these “well-meaning people” always asking around? Is it out of genuine concern, or do they just have nothing better to do? Neither—it’s because they have ambitions and want to climb the ranks and take power. Can they realize that this is ambition and a desire to take power? No, they cannot; they lack that reason. Due to their abominable humanity and poor caliber, they can’t accomplish anything or perform even the simplest duty well. Throughout the performance of their duties, they consistently behave poorly, are idle, prone to leisure, and even ask around about various matters. In the end, they are cleared out because of these manifestations. Is it right for God’s house to clear them out? (Yes.) Are they cleared out because they were overly concerned and inquisitive? (No.) It was because they did not tend to proper matters and wanted to constantly freeload in God’s house that they were sent away and not allowed to bum around. They couldn’t do anything well, so keeping them was not worth the trouble—aren’t they disbelievers? Shouldn’t they be cleared out? When it came time for them to be cleared out, they became anxious and only then did they seek the truth principles, asking, “I have to seek what the principles actually are for God’s house to clear people out and expel them: On what basis am I being cleared out?” You should respond to them: “Someone like you, who loves leisure and hates work, who disturbs and destroys in everything they do, completely fits the principles for clearing out.” Doesn’t it seem quite ridiculous for them to seek the principles of clearing people out after doing so many bad things without understanding what kind of person they are? (Yes, it does.) Some people like this have been cleared out, while others have been sent to ordinary churches. They are not suitable for doing duties in God’s house and lack the conditions to do their duties. Can individuals of this kind realize that what God has done is in line with the truth? I dare say that antichrists will never realize it, because they are disbelievers, and they condemn and pass judgment on any positive thing that aligns with the truth. The antichrist, who is always eager to ask around, full of ambition, and constantly seeks to climb higher, while lacking any sincerity and loyalty toward doing their own duties, sits on the ground and wails loudly when they are sent away. They say, “No one understands my well-meaning heart, my sincerity and loyalty. Why am I being sent away? I’ve been wronged, and I’m not willing! No one is this concerned for God, and no one is as loyal in God’s house. My great zealousness and great kindness are being taken for ill intent—God is so unfair!” Is this not a plea of innocence? Are any of their words something that people should say? Are any of them in line with the true facts? (No.) They are all unreasonable, absurd, disbelievers’ words, full of complaints, grievances, and condemnation. This is them being revealed. If they were not sent away, they would continue their pretense and aspire to be the master of God’s house. Would a master act like this? Would a master throw tantrums like this? Would a master manage God’s house like this? They were asked to clean, but they milled about everywhere and didn’t do any work. They were asked to make meals, but they weren’t willing to make meals for even two people. They were afraid of getting tired and thought it was low-class—so what else can they do? Are they capable of anything apart from being leaders and issuing orders? Isn’t it reasonable for God’s house to clear them out? (Yes.) It’s entirely reasonable, yet they continue to curse behind the scenes, throwing tantrums and behaving like unruly women. Aren’t these antichrists? This is the manifestation of the disposition essence of an antichrist. When faced with matters that do not align with their interests or preferences, when confronted with things that do not satisfy their wishes or desires, do they submit in the slightest? Can they seek the truth? Can they calm down, confess their sins, and repent? No, they can’t. Their immediate reaction is to rise up and clamor against God, full of words of condemnation, judgment, blasphemy, and curse. They think, “If God’s house doesn’t want me, fine. You show no mercy, so don’t blame me for being heartless. Let’s take the gloves off and see who is more ruthless!” Is this a manifestation of seeking the truth? Is it a manifestation that a normal created being should possess? (No, it isn’t.) Then what kind of manifestation is this? How should those who genuinely believe in and follow God treat Him? They must truly and unconditionally submit to God. Only the enemies of God—Satan and devils—would deny, condemn, pass judgment, blaspheme, and curse God, going so far as to clamor against and oppose Him. Even if you cannot accept this fact right now and can come up with a hundred reasons claiming that God’s house has treated you unfairly, if you have rationality, humanity, and even the slightest fear of God, can you treat God this way? Absolutely not! If someone can do that, do they have even a shred of conscience? Do they possess any humanity? Do they have any fear of God? (No, they don’t.) Clearly, they are not one of God’s sheep. They have never treated God as their Master; they never regarded God as their God. In their hearts, God is their enemy, not their God. The enemies of God are antichrists and Satan; conversely, antichrists are God’s enemies—they are Satan and devils. Antichrists will never accept anything that God does and will never say amen to any word spoken by God. This is the essence of God’s enemy—Satan—and this is the inherent essence of antichrists. Without reason, they are hostile to God, and without reason, they are capable of condemning God. Isn’t this wickedness? This is out-and-out wickedness.

These dispositions of an antichrist are present to varying degrees in every person, but through the revelation of these dispositions and the path chosen by people when they believe, can you judge who is an antichrist, who is a laborer, and who is one of God’s chosen people who can be saved? (While they all reveal an antichrist disposition, some people, after revealing their corrupt disposition, have a sense of conscience, they feel guilty, they can repent, and can practice the truth—these are the ones who can be saved. However, those without a sense of conscience, who think they are right even after making mistakes, stubbornly refuse to repent, and reject the truth entirely—these people are antichrists and have no chance at salvation.) Are these two statements correct? (Yes.) What was just said is basically correct, but it isn’t specific enough. Though they also possess an antichrist’s disposition, when some people are faced with situations, they are capable of seeking the truth, rebelling against the flesh, feeling regret after recognizing their corrupt disposition, feeling indebtedness, turning back, practicing in accordance with the truth principles, choosing the right path, choosing to practice the truth, and ultimately gaining an understanding of the truth and entering into the truth reality, achieving submission to God. Such people can be saved and are God’s chosen people. There is another type of person who knows they have an antichrist’s disposition, but they do not examine themselves when faced with situations. When they discover they’ve done something wrong, they do not have any genuine understanding, cannot develop a strong sense of indebtedness inside themselves, are incapable of any repentance or turning back, and are muddled about the truth and salvation. In God’s house, they are ready and willing to labor, they can do whatever is asked of them, yet they do not take it seriously; at times, they may cause disruptions and disturbances, but they are not evil people. They can accept pruning, but they never proactively seek the truth when doing things or follow the truth principles when handling matters. They show no interest in eating and drinking God’s words and in the truth. While they can put effort into their duties passably, they lack enthusiasm when it comes to pursuing the truth and have no interest in doing this. They don’t show any loyalty in the performance of their duty; they comparatively exhibit some willingness and sincerity. They can know various corrupt dispositions, but they never reflect on themselves when faced with situations, and do not pursue becoming someone who can understand the truth and put it into practice. These are the laborers. The last category consists of antichrists. They are enemies of God, the truth, and positive things. Their hearts are filled with wickedness, clamoring against God, opposition to God, and condemnation, judgment, and blasphemy against justice, positive things, and the truth. They do not believe in God’s existence, in His sovereignty over all things, and are even more unwilling to let God be sovereign over the fate of humanity. They never understand themselves, and regardless of how many mistakes or transgressions they commit, they never admit to them, repent, or turn back. They lack any remorse in their hearts, and they completely reject the truth. These are antichrists. Evaluating whether someone has an attitude of acceptance toward the truth is generally accurate in determining what category of person they are. Which category do you belong to? Are you among God’s chosen people who can be saved, or are you an antichrist, or a laborer? Are you transitioning toward the first category, or do you not fall into any of these categories? There is no one who doesn’t fall into any of these categories: Everyone belongs to one of the three. Evil people who lack humanity are those with the essence of antichrists; those who have some humanity, who have conscience and reason, as well as relatively good character, who can pursue the truth, love positive things, and love the truth, and who fear God and can submit to Him, can be saved—they are God’s chosen people. Those with a character that is average, neither particularly good nor particularly bad, who lack any interest in the truth and are not at all willing to pursue it, but perform their duties with some sincerity, are the laborers. This is the standard for evaluation. Can an antichrist become a laborer? (No.) Then is there a category of people among the laborers that can become God’s chosen people? (Yes.) What is the space for change here? (They need to pursue the truth.) Perhaps, with more years of faith, more experiences and encounters, and an understanding of more truths, they gradually move from the laboring stage to being God’s chosen people. Because right now their understanding of the truth is small and their faith in God is particularly small, they have little interest in doing their duties and practicing the truth. They lack the stature to pursue the truth and cannot let go of their ambitions and desires, among other various needs of the flesh. Therefore, they can only remain in the laboring stage for now. However, relatively speaking, these people have a conscience and love positive things; as they gradually come to understand the truth, their environment changes, they believe in God for longer, have deeper experiences, and they develop genuine faith in God, they also gradually come to see the truth and positive things more clearly, the path they ought to pursue becomes clearer, they develop an interest in the truth, and they love the truth more and more. Such people can gradually start out on the path of salvation and become God’s chosen people; they have the space for improvement and change. On the other hand, to say that those with the essence of antichrists can become God’s chosen people and be saved is not valid, because the essence of antichrists is that of devils and enemies of God—antichrists can never change.

We have just been fellowshipping about the denial, condemnation, passing judgment, and blasphemy from their wicked disposition essence they reveal in how they treat God and His work. Whenever something contradicts their notions or harms their interests, antichrists’ immediate response is to stand up, resist, and condemn it, saying: “This is wrong, this is done by people, and I won’t yield to it. I’ll file a complaint and find evidence to clarify this matter. I’ll declare my position, defend myself, unravel the ins and outs of this matter, and see who is the troublemaker in the midst, the one ruining my good reputation and the good things I’ve got going on.” The phrase “God’s good intentions are in all things” becomes an empty statement in the hearts of antichrists, unable to guide or change their means, methods, and principles of acting. Conversely, they rely on what’s natural to them when they meet with any situation, thinking of every method and employing all their abilities and strategies to act. Undoubtedly, what they do is condemnation, judgment, and blasphemy against God. People’s thoughts are saturated with Satan’s logic and ideas, without any truth to speak of. Therefore, when faced with such matters, the manifestations of antichrists mirror that of Satan: However Satan treats God, antichrists treat Him the same way, and whatever means or words Satan employs toward God, antichrists use the same. This way, the wicked essence of antichrists being enemies of God goes without saying. Even if it is someone who has believed in God for only one or two days, do they understand the difference between humans and God in their normal human thinking and rationality? (Yes, they do.) As an adult with normal humanity, do they know in their heart how to treat God? (Yes.) Is there a standard in human rationality for the most appropriate and best way to treat a person one worships? (Yes.) People tend to bow and scrape, tickle their ears, and ingratiate themselves; even if that person beats or curses them, they find a way to be pliant and obedient. So, when it comes to their parents, do people know how to show respect and love, and what behavior is harm and hatred? Is there a standard for evaluating this? (Yes.) This proves that humans, living creatures covered in human skin, are distinct from animals and higher than them. You know how to respect and love your parents, so why don’t you know how to treat God with love and respect? How can you treat God like this? Casually condemning and passing judgment, daring to casually blaspheme and curse—is that what normal people do? (No.) Even animals don’t behave this way. If a person raises an animal, even a wild one, and spends some time with it, as long as it recognizes who its owner is, it will always be respectful to that owner, treating the owner as a relative, as a family member, differently from how it treats other animals or people. Suppose you used to be its owner: After going through two or three other households, when you meet it again, it has only to smell your scent and it will immediately become affectionate to you. Even if it is a fierce animal, it won’t eat you. Its fierceness is inherent, stemming from God’s creation and predestination. It is a survival instinct given to it by God, not a vicious or wicked disposition—it is distinct from the evil of antichrists. There were two people who adopted a young lion cub. As the lion grew up, it became challenging to afford its meat-based diet, so when it turned one year old, they released it back into its natural environment. Three years later, they encountered the lion again. From a distance, the lion saw them and eagerly ran toward them. They felt worried at first, thinking, “Won’t it eat us? It’s a lion.” As it turns out, the lion approached, embraced them like friends, and they hugged and petted the lion in return. The lion then introduced its family members to them, and when they had to leave it was reluctant to part ways. You can see this kind of scene when this most ferocious of wild animals, a carnivore, interacts with humans. Isn’t it rather touching? (Yes, it is.) Even in fierce animals, people can see their friendly side, but this is absent in antichrists. Because antichrists possess Satan’s disposition and are people with the satanic disposition essence, consequently, they can pass judgment, condemn, and blaspheme against God. Such attitudes lead to corresponding manifestations and especially approaches. Are antichrists not worse than animals? People know how to show respect and loving care to those they worship and to their closest relatives and their parents, and they know which of their actions can hurt and harm them. They can assess these things. However, antichrists are capable of displaying such behaviors toward God, which is really infuriating. It indicates that the inherent nature of such individuals is the essence of antichrists. To be precise, these individuals are the embodiments of Satan, they are living Satans and devils—they are not God’s sheep. Would God’s sheep curse Him? Would God’s sheep condemn Him? (No.) Why not? (Because they listen to God and submit to Him.) They listen and submit—that’s one aspect. The key is their genuine belief in God. If you truly believe in God’s identity, status, and essence, then regardless of what God does or how He does it, even if it causes harm, you won’t condemn Him. Only those who genuinely believe in God, who have true belief in Him, place themselves in the position of a created being, always treating God as God. This is a fact.

We have already fellowshipped antichrists cursing, opposing, and clamoring against God. Some openly oppose Him, establish factions, form alliances, and create independent kingdoms. Others secretly curse Him behind closed doors, some curse Him in their hearts, and oppose and clamor against Him in their hearts. Whether they curse Him openly or in secret, they are all antichrists; they are not God’s sheep. They belong to Satan’s ilk, and they are without a doubt not normal people or qualified created beings. When most people face situations that don’t align with their own notions or encounter God’s judgment and chastisement, they merely feel upset, confused, and unable to accept it. They express grievances, or display intransigence; they might even become negative or slack off, but they don’t escalate to the point of opposing and clamoring. Over time, through prayer, reading God’s words, the help of brothers and sisters, and the enlightenment, guidance, and discipline of the Holy Spirit, they can gradually turn around. This is the manifestation of ordinary corrupt humans when things befall them. Antichrists, on the other hand, lack these positive manifestations, and they won’t change their course. If a situation doesn’t align with their desires, they curse. If the next situation still doesn’t align with their desires, they curse too. Cursing goes hand in hand with opposition and clamoring. Some antichrists even say, “If people like me can’t be saved, then who can be?” Is this not clamoring? Is it not opposition? (Yes, it is.) This is opposition. They have no trace of submission, and they dare to clamor against and oppose God—these are Satans. Let’s end our fellowship on the various manifestations of a wicked disposition here.

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