428 How to Be Quiet Before God


Take time away from people and things

for your own spiritual devotionals,

where you can bring peace to your heart

and quiet yourself before God.

Make notes of what you understand of God’s words,

how He’s moved you,

no matter if it’s deep or shallow,

and try to be quiet before Him.

Verse 1

Every day give a few hours

to a true spiritual life;

your life that day will feel enriched

and your heart will be clear and bright.

You’ll give your heart more to God,

your spirit strong, in a better state.

You’ll walk the Holy Spirit’s path,

God will give you many blessings.

Pre-chorus 1

You may not get the best results

in this journey at the start,

but don’t be weak or back down.

Just keep on working hard.


To make your heart at peace before God,

deliberately cooperate, cooperate!

Verse 2

The more you live spiritual life,

the more your heart’s filled with God’s words,

always concerned with these matters

and always bearing this burden.

Then you should speak to God from your heart

through your own spiritual life.

Tell Him what you think and want to do,

your understanding and views of His word.

Pre-chorus 2

Don’t hold back anything from Him,

try speaking your heart’s thoughts to God,

confess your true feelings,

freely speak what’s inside your heart.


Do this more, you’ll feel His loveliness,

your heart will get closer to God.

You’ll feel that God’s your dearest One,

you won’t leave His side, whatever comes.

Practice this way every day,

do not put it out of your mind,

treat it as your calling in life,

then God’s word will fill your heart.

It’s like your heart has always had love.

No one can take that away from you.

God will truly live inside you

and have a place within your heart.


To make your heart at peace before God,

deliberately cooperate!

To make your heart at peace before God,

deliberately cooperate, cooperate!

Adapted from “A Normal Spiritual Life Leads People Onto the Right Track” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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