11 We Have Been Caught Up Before the Throne

Verse 1

We have been caught up before the throne of God,

due to the grace and the mercy of God.

The saints brought forth their love for God

and never wavered from their spiritual path.

They are firm in belief that the one true God has become flesh,

He’s the Head of the universe and commands all things.

Confirmed by the Spirit, infallible proof.

No, it can never change!

Chorus 1

Almighty God! Today, You have opened our eyes.

The blind can see, the lame can walk,

the lepers can be healed.

You’ve opened a heavenly window for us

to see the secrets of the spiritual world.

Your words permeate us;

You’ve saved us from our corrupt humanity from Satan.

It’s Your great work and mercy. We are witnesses for You!

Verse 2

You’ve been humble and hidden

in silence for a long while.

You underwent resurrection and the suffering on the cross.

You’ve known the joys and sorrows of a human life,

great adversity and persecution.

You’ve tasted the pain of the human world,

forsaken by the age; God incarnate is God Himself!

Chorus 2

You’ve saved us from the dunghill

for the sake of God’s will,

held us up with Your right hand, Your grace is given freely.

You’ve made abundant efforts to work Your life into us,

and Your blood, sweat and tears are in the saints.

We’re the subjects of Your endless efforts.

We are the price that You pay.

Oh, Almighty God! Because of Your love and mercy,

righteousness and majesty, holiness and humility,

all will bow before You

and all will worship You for all eternity!

Verse 3

You’ve made complete all churches,

the Philadelphia church.

Your six-thousand-year plan is realized.

The saints humbly obey in front of You,

connected in spirit, and with each other in love,

connected to the source, the fountain of life.

The living water runs endlessly,

washing away and purging the filth that plagues the church,

once again cleansing Your temple.

Chorus 3

We let God reign in our spirits,

walking with Him, gaining transcendence,

overcoming the world, our spirits fly free.

It’s the outcome of Almighty God being King.

So, cooperate with God, serve in coordination,

and become one to satisfy God’s will.

Hasten to become a holy spiritual body,

trample on Satan and end its destiny!

Adapted from “Chapter 2” of Utterances of Christ in the Beginning in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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