949 Working Carelessly Is Not the Performance of Duty

1 Working carelessly is anathema to duty. If you simply go through the motions, you will not be able to perform your duty adequately. You must put your heart into it! The chance for one to do their duty is a rare thing, and if they do not take hold of a chance that God has given them, then it is lost. If they try again someday to find a chance to perform their duty, it will not be easy; indeed, such an opportunity might not come up at all. God’s work waits for no one, nor does the chance to perform one’s duty. Not many opportunities come along, so you must take hold of them.

2 Some people are not conscientious in fulfilling their duty, and all they do, they do without care, with one eye open. They are not the least bit conscientious in their work. If they are made to do something, then they put in a bit of effort, and their work is a bit better when they are being watched, a bit worse when they are not—and assume that no one sees them doing so. Over time, others will figure them out and come to see right through them. They have completely discarded their dignity and integrity. No one can trust them, so how can God? Such people cannot be trusted.

3 There is great danger in always being slack in fulfilling your duty and behaving perfunctorily and deceptively to God! What are the consequences of intentional deceit? In the short term, you will have a corrupt disposition, commit frequent transgressions without repenting, and neither know to put the truth into practice nor put it into practice. In the long term, if you continue thus, though you might not commit major offenses, there will be no end of small ones, and their consequences will be irreversible. The outcome you desire will be no more!

Adapted from “Entry Into Life Must Start From Fulfilling Your Duty” in Records of Christ’s Talks

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