595 Believers and Unbelievers Are Simply Incompatible

1 Everyone has a suitable destination. These destinations are determined according to each person’s essence and are completely unrelated to others. There is no relationship between a believing husband and an unbelieving wife, and there is no relationship between believing children and unbelieving parents. They are two incompatible types. Prior to entering into rest, one has physical relatives, but once one has entered into rest, one no longer has any physical relatives to speak of. Those who do their duty and those who do not are enemies; those who love God and those who hate God are opposed to one another. Those who enter into rest and those who have been destroyed are two incompatible types of creatures.

2 Creatures that fulfill their duty will be able to survive, and creatures that do not fulfill their duty will be destroyed; what is more, this shall last through eternity. People today have physical relationships among one another, as well as associations by blood, but later this will all be shattered. Believers and unbelievers are not compatible but rather opposed to one another. Those in rest believe that there is a God and are obedient to God. Those who are disobedient to God will have all been destroyed. Families will no longer exist upon earth; how could there be parents or children or relationships between husbands and wives? The very incompatibility of belief and unbelief will have severed these physical relationships!

Adapted from “God and Man Will Enter Into Rest Together” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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