81 Oh, God! I Cannot Be Without You

1 It’s Your voice that guides me to Your presence. It’s Your words that conquer my heart. It’s Your tender love, Your words of life, that hold my heart tight and make me love You hereafter. You are ever in my thoughts. Oh, You are ever in my thoughts.

2 Your words have made me fall deeply in love with You. Your beautiful countenance inspires love. Your words judge, expose, comfort, and encourage; Your kind words tug at man’s heart. Pruning and dealing, as well as enlightenment, allow me to savor Your love. Your love fills my heart. Oh, I cannot be without You.

3 Your disposition is righteous, holy, and so lovely. Your wisdom and wondrousness are captivating. Though I am tested today, and pain refines my heart, Your words are always with me, and I have sensed Your dearness and loveliness. I wish only to love You as best I can. Oh, amid Your orchestrations, I have no complaints.

4 Your love for mankind is so true, so real. I gladly do all I can to satisfy You. Though the trials and refinement are severe, I have the guidance of Your words. I have full faith in You. So long as I can love and testify to You, then I am willing to undergo any hardship, no matter how great. Oh, my love for You shall never change.

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