286 I Can’t Say All That Is in My Heart

1 I heard Your voice and I was happy to meet with You. I have enjoyed the richness of Your words. Your heart is truly kind and beautiful, Your love is captivating. What You are and have is so precious. I cannot finish telling how truly lovable Almighty God is. You live among people, and set an example in every way. Your love has accompanied me to today. The guidance and provision of Your words have allowed me to grow in life gradually. You refine my heart, You purify my love. Experiencing the judgment of Your words, I suffer but feel the sweetness.

2 Having suffered through tribulations, my heart is more attached to You. It is Your judgment and chastisement that cleanses my corruption. Through hardships and refinements, I have learned to submit. No longer negative, no longer rebellious, I have understood Your will. Only Your word is the truth and can supply man with life. Your heart is the most benevolent of all, You give Your all to save man. Experiencing Your true love, I cannot say all that is in my heart. You purify me and I belong to You, I shall love You forever. I can’t say all that is in my heart, I could tell of Your love forever without end. I want to perform my duty and testify to You, I shall love You forever.

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