48 Church Life Is So Lovely

1 Almighty God incarnate, we raise our voices in Your praise. It is You who have brought us before the throne to attend this banquet. We are watered by Your words, and get to enjoy Your love. Living in Your presence each day fills our hearts with such sweetness. Your utterances lead us into living a new life. Practicing and experiencing Your words, we see how absolutely precious the truth is. In understanding it, we are no longer constrained by religious rules. Church life is so lovely. We will praise God forever!

2 We are truly honored to undergo God’s judgment. By accepting the judgment of His words, we can see clearly just how very corrupt we are. Despite being refined through suffering, we are cleansed of our satanic dispositions. We enter the truth reality, and see God’s blessings. We are judged, gaining the truth, and we now have a new life. Throwing off our corruption, we are reborn, and have tasted of the utter reality of God’s love. Gaining the truth sets us free and brings us heartfelt joy. Church life is so lovely. We will praise God forever!

3 We brothers and sisters coordinate harmoniously, living within God’s words. We love and support each other, and our hearts are as one. We practice the truth, are pure and open, and seek to be honest people, loving God simply, without any deception or demands. We brothers and sisters work side by side to bear witness to God, giving our all to spread the kingdom gospel, fulfilling our duties with all our heart and soul to satisfy God’s will. Church life is so lovely. We will praise God forever!

4 God’s judgment is a blessing; it has purified us. His words are the truth; they have become our life. In spirit and with honesty, we worship God, living in the light; Christ’s kingdom is our beautiful home. Living the church life, we feel incomparably happy. Having God with us and having His guidance are the greatest of blessings. By loving Him sincerely and earning His praise, we live the happiest of lives. Church life is so lovely. We will praise God forever!

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