974 The Commandments of the New Age


Although the Age of Law is no longer,

there’re similar words to adhere to,

not just when touched by the Holy Spirit,

but to be followed at all times by man.

Verse 1

Do not judge the practical God’s work.

Keep your place and behave when before God,

and revere the testimony of God.

Don’t ignore His work or the words He speaks.

Don’t imitate the tones, aims of God’s speech.

Don’t oppose the man testified by God.

Do nothing that’s obviously against him.

Watch your speech and in actions, words, follow his plans.

Verse 2

Here’s what’s crucial for man to follow today:

Do not deceive or hide anything from

the God who is standing before your eyes.

Don’t speak filth, arrogant words before Him.

Don’t fool Him with fair words to gain His trust.

Don’t act irreverently before God.

Obey all that is spoken from God’s mouth.

Don’t resist, oppose or dispute His words.


Don’t interpret God’s words as you see fit.

Hold your tongue, don’t fall prey to the wicked.

Guard your footsteps, don’t cross boundaries set by God.

Don’t speak from God’s perspective to be loathed by Him.

Verse 3

Do not carelessly repeat words God speaks,

lest people mock you, the devils fool you.

Obey, don’t judge God’s work, even if you don’t grasp it;

just try to seek and to have fellowship.

Don’t transgress the original place of God,

just serve Him from the position of man.

Don’t teach today’s God from man’s position.

If you do so, then you are misguided.


Don’t stand where the man testified by God stands.

In your words, actions, thoughts, be in man’s position.

It’s your duty, remember, follow, don’t change it,

or you’ll violate administrative decrees.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. The Commandments of the New Age

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