380 The Dangerous Consequences of Betraying God

Satan controls every soul

it has corrupted.

Only those who believe in Christ

enter today’s kingdom, saved.

Though no longer in Satan’s grasp,

man’s nature is still in their flesh.

Even when your souls are saved,

your nature is unchanged.

The chance of your betrayal

remains one hundred percent.

That’s why God’s work lasts so long,

as your nature’s intractable.

As you fulfill your duties,

you endure hardship as best you can,

yet each of you is capable

of betraying God,

returning to Satan’s lair,

going back to your old ways.

At that time, there’ll be no way

to display a human likeness.

You may be destroyed,

or even worse, doomed forever,

punished and never to be

reincarnated again.

God’s work is the work of

saving people’s souls.

If your soul falls into Satan’s hands,

your body won’t live in peace!

If God protects your body,

surely He’ll care for your soul.

If God loathes you, your body and soul

will fall in Satan’s hands.

If God’s words are lost on you,

God will hand you over to Satan,

you’ll be tortured until

God’s anger disappears,

or He will personally punish you

who cannot be redeemed,

for your hearts that betray Him

will have never changed.

Adapted from “A Very Serious Problem: Betrayal (2)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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