1023 Different Resting Places for God and Man


When God and man enter into rest together,

it will mean that humanity has been saved

and that Satan has been destroyed,

that God’s work among man has finished entirely.

God will no longer continue to work among man,

and man will no longer live under Satan’s domain.

Therefore, God will no longer be busy,

and man will no longer rush about;

God and man will enter into rest simultaneously.

God will return to His original position,

and each person will return to his or her respective place.

These are the destinations

that God and man will respectively reside in

after the end of God’s entire management.

Verse 1

God has His own destination,

and man has one of his own.

God in rest will keep guiding man,

who will worship the one true God above.

God won’t live among humanity;

man can’t live in God’s destination.

God and man can’t live in the same realm,

with their respective manners of living.

Chorus 1

Humanity’s the fruit of God’s management

and the object of His guidance,

while God is the One who leads them.

God and man are different in essence.

Verse 2

Man’s place of rest is on earth;

God’s place of rest is in heaven.

Man in rest will worship God and live on earth,

and God in rest will lead all mankind.

God will lead from heaven and not from earth.

God is still the Spirit, man will still be flesh.

God and man each rest in their own ways.

God appears among man as He rests.

Chorus 2

While mankind rests,

they will be brought up by God for a visit in heaven,

and to enjoy what life is like up in the heaven world,

and to enjoy what life is like up in the heaven world.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. God and Man Will Enter Into Rest Together

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