761 Do You Have True Love for God?

Verse 1

If you love God for fleshly peace or pleasure,

then your love may reach its peak where you ask no more,

but still you seek a tainted love that God does not like.

Those who love God only to fill dull lives and hearts

are the kind who are greedy for an easy life,

not those who seek true love for God.

Such love is forced, a quest to please the mind.

God has no need for that.

Chorus 1

What kind of love is yours? Why do you love God?

How much true love for God is within you right now?

Verse 2

Most of you have that kind of love that God rejects.

Such love cannot endure, nor can it take root,

like a flower that blooms and dies bearing no fruit.

If you’ve loved God like this and if you have no one

to lead you on the path ahead, you will collapse.

If you love God in the moment,

but do not change your life disposition,

you can’t break free from Satan.

Chorus 2

No one like this can be fully gained by God;

they’ll surely be Satan’s in body, soul and spirit.

Verse 3

Those who can’t be gained by God

will go back where they came from,

down to the lake of fire

to accept God’s punishment.

Those gained by God are those

who forsake and escape Satan.

They’re officially numbered

among those of the kingdom.

Chorus 3

This is how the people of the kingdom come to be.

Are you willing to become a person of this kind?


Are you willing to be gained by God?

Escape from Satan and return to God?

Do you belong to Satan, or are you numbered

among the people of the kingdom?

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. What Viewpoint Believers Ought to Hold

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