633 People Don’t Know God’s Salvation

1 The purpose and significance of My arrival among man is to save all mankind, to bring all mankind back to My household, to reunite the heaven with the earth, and to make man convey the “signals” between heaven and earth, for such is the inherent function of man. At the time I created mankind, I had made all things ready for mankind, and later, I allowed mankind to receive the riches I gave him according to My requirements. Thus, I say that it is under My guidance that all mankind has reached today. And all this is My plan.

2 Among all mankind, countless numbers of people exist under the protection of My love, and countless numbers live under the chastisement of My hate. Though people all pray to Me, still they are unable to change their present circumstances; once they have lost hope, they can only let nature take its course and cease to disobey Me, for this is all that can be accomplished by man. When it comes to the state of man’s life, man has yet to find the real life, he still hasn’t seen through to the injustice, desolation, and miserable conditions of the world—and so, were it not for the advent of disaster, most people would still embrace Mother Nature, and would still engross themselves in the flavor of “life.” Is this not the reality of the world? Is this not the voice of salvation that I speak forth to man?

3 Why, among mankind, has no one ever truly loved Me? Why does man love Me only in the midst of chastisement and trials, yet no one loves Me under My protection? I have bestowed My chastisement many times upon mankind. They take a look at it, but then they ignore it, and they do not study and contemplate it at this time, and so all that comes upon man is merciless judgment. This is only one of My methods of working, but it is still in order to change man and make him love Me.

Adapted from “Chapter 29” of God’s Words to the Entire Universe in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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