104 Those Gained by God Will Enjoy Eternal Blessings


It is only for six thousand years

that God’s work is due to last,

and He promised Satan’s hold over man

would end once six thousand years had passed.

Now the time has reached its conclusion,

God will neither delay nor continue.

Verse 1

During the last days, His glory He’ll reclaim,

He’ll crush Satan, take back all the souls that are His,

from their suffering He will help them escape,

His entire work on earth will then be concluded.

Verse 2

From this day forward, God will never become flesh,

His all-controlling Spirit will not work on earth.

His one job will be to re-make humankind,

a holy people, His faithful city on earth.

Chorus 1

But God won’t destroy the world completely,

He won’t annihilate all people.

He’ll keep the third by whom He is loved,

the third that He has thoroughly conquered.

He’ll ensure they are fruitful and multiply

on earth just like the Israelites,

with sheep and cattle to nourish them

and all the riches the earth can lend.

Verse 3

God will keep these people with Him forever;

it will not be the filthy mankind of today,

but a chosen mankind which is assembled,

made up of the special people God has gained.

Verse 4

No one but these people will exist on earth

at the time when over Satan, God has triumphed.

Free of Satan, undamaged and undisturbed,

the conquered mankind who has gained God’s promise.

Chorus 2

Men who are conquered by God in the last days

will be spared and have God’s blessings always.

They’ll be the proof that God beat Satan,

the only spoils of the battle God won.

These spoils of war by God are saved,

saved by Him from Satan’s dark domain.

They’re the one and only fruit that’s yielded

from His management plan of six thousand years.


From every nation, denomination,

from throughout the universe they come.

From different places, different races,

with varied skin colors, speaking different tongues.

In the end they’ll come together

and a complete mankind will be formed,

a group of people untouchable,

unreachable by Satan’s forces.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. No One Who Is of the Flesh Can Escape the Day of Wrath

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