1034 The Essence of Christ Is Love

For humans, Christ’s essence is love; for those who follow Him, it is boundless love. If He had no love or mercy, then people would not still be following Him.

1 In the work God does for humanity while He is incarnate, His most obvious and prominent essence is love; it is infinite tolerance. If His essence were not love, but instead like what you imagine—that God would strike down whomever He pleased and punish, curse, judge, and chastise whomever He hated—then He would be so strict! You think that whenever He is angry at people, they will tremble in fear and not be able to stand before Him.… This is only one way in which God’s disposition is expressed. Ultimately, His goal is still salvation. His love runs through all revelations of His disposition.

2 While working in the flesh, what God reveals the most to people is love. What is patience? Patience is having pity due to love within, and its purpose is still to save people. God is able to have pity on people because He has love. If God had only hate and fury, and only passed judgment and chastisement, without any love in them, then the situation would not be what you see now and calamity would befall you people. Would He provide you with truth? If people were cursed after being chastised and judged, then they would be completely done for. How, then, would the humanity of today still exist?

3 God’s hatred, wrath, and righteousness are all expressed with the foundation of saving this group of people. This disposition also contains love and mercy, as well as an enormous patience. This hate carries a sense of having no other choice, it includes God’s boundless concern and anticipation for mankind! God’s hatred is aimed at mankind’s corruption; it is aimed at mankind’s rebelliousness and sins; it is one-sided, and is established on a foundation of love. Only when there is love can there be hate. God’s hatred toward mankind is different from His hatred toward Satan, because God saves people, and He does not save Satan.

Adapted from “God’s True Love for Mankind” in Records of Christ’s Talks

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