931 Turn Your Heart Towards God to Feel His Loveliness

1 If you can put the truth into practice to God’s satisfaction, then your heart will turn to God. The more you pray to God and commune with God, the more you will discover what is so lovable about Him. If, deep down, you are genuinely willing to satisfy God, then He will place His burden upon you, and you will then gain an even greater sense of His extreme loveliness. This will enable you to love God with all your heart, and you will feel deep down that He is so lovable. Once you are able to sincerely love God, you will feel His loveliness more and more—as well as His worthiness of human love—and you will then be able to willingly submit to Him and worship Him.

2 In that moment, you will be able to give rise to admiration for God from deep within your heart; you will want to sing His praise and lavish commendations of gratitude upon Him. As you eulogize Him from your innermost being, no one will be able to stop you. When you feel how utterly lovable God is, your gratitude and admiration for Him will grow more and more, and you will then have fewer and fewer notions of Him and incorrect thoughts; Satan will then stop having opportunities to work on you. Once you get to this point, you will have thoroughly broken away from Satan’s influence of death, and your heart will be completely liberated and free.

Adapted from God’s Fellowship

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