976 Conform to God’s Will by Following the Ten Administrative Decrees


Man should not magnify, exalt himself,

but should worship and exalt God alone.

Do anything that benefits God’s work.

Do nothing that’s detrimental to it.

Defend God’s name, testimony and work.

Verse 1

The money, the things in God’s house

and all of the property

are truly the offerings

that should be given by man.

Just the priest, God may enjoy them,

for these offerings are for God,

shared with the priest alone.

No others are entitled.

Verse 2

Man has corrupt dispositions

and is possessed of emotions,

so a man and a woman

can’t work together to serve God.

Anyone discovered doing so

will be expelled without exception.

Don’t lead false believers to the church,

even if they’re your very kin.

Bridge 1

You shall not pass judgment on God,

nor lightly discuss His matters.

You should act, speak as man ought to.

Don’t overstep limits, boundaries.

Be sure to guard your tongue well,

be careful of your own footsteps.

This will prevent you from doing

what offends God’s disposition.

Verse 3

Do what a person should do,

carry out your commitments.

Fulfill responsibilities,

hold fast to your own duty.

Since you do believe in God,

devote your share to God’s work,

or you’ll be unfit for God’s house,

unfit to eat and drink His words.

Verse 4

In work and matters of the church,

apart from obeying God,

you should follow the instructions

of the man used by Holy Spirit.

The slightest breach won’t be allowed;

be absolute in your compliance.

Do not analyze right or wrong;

what’s right, wrong is not your concern.

Bridge 2

God’s believers should obey, worship Him.

Don’t exalt or look up to any man.

Don’t see God as chief, those you esteem second,

and then grant yourself the third place.

No person should hold a place in your heart.

Don’t deem men, especially those you adore,

to be on par with God or His equal.

This is all intolerable to God.


Keep your thoughts on the work of the church.

Put aside the prospects of your own flesh.

Don’t waver on your family affairs.

Devote yourself utterly to God’s work.

Put God’s work first and your own life second.

This is the true decency of a saint.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. The Ten Administrative Decrees That Must Be Obeyed by God’s Chosen People in the Age of Kingdom

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