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Kingdom Praise

Kingdom Praise

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Kingdom Praise

Almighty God, the First and the Last Praise The Accomplishment of God's Work Singing of the Arrival of the Millennial Kingdom Almighty God Has Appeared in the East of the World O Practical God My Good Beloved The Holy Kingdom Has Appeared God's Kingdom Has Come to the Earth Christ's Kingdom Is Realized Among Men I've Finally Beheld God God Brings Mankind Into the Light The One True God Has Appeared in the Flesh (Version 2) The One True God Has Appeared in the Flesh (Version 1) The Kingdom's Vistas Are Always Like New Song of Sweet Love (Version 1) The Righteous, Almighty, and Practical God All Nations Come to Your Light Clear and Pure Is the Water by God’s Throne Almighty God, the King of Glory God Sits Upon the Throne Right Here, Right Now, We Get Together Gathering in Zion For Whom Man Should Live All God's People Praise God With All Their Hearts I'm on the Real Path of Life Our Life Is Not in Vain Our Life Is Not in Vain (Acappella Version) Practical God My Heart Belongs to You O God I Miss You Every Day Thanks and Praise to Almighty God Oh Almighty God, You Are So Glorious Come Before God Often Praise God With an Undivided Heart I Will Repay God's Love Let’s See Who Testifies God Better God's Work Is Truly Wonderful I’m Willing to Perform My Duty Faithfully Follow God Along the Rough Path Through Thick and Thin, Faithful Till Death O God You Know I'm Missing You Praise the Completion of God's Great Work I'm Resolved to Follow God For Tomorrow's Hope Come and Praise God Church Life Brings Such Joy I Have Seen God’s Loveliness The Church Life Is So Lovely The Sky Here Is So Blue All of Mankind, Come to Worship God God's Love Brings Us Close Together The Happiness in the Good Land of Canaan To Love God Is My Wish God Has the Best Intentions I Want to Sing for God The Millennial Kingdom Is in Sight Around the Throne, Dance Around Oh God! I Want to Be Your Close Friend Praise the New Life Praise Almighty God With Loud Voices Get Up and Dance for God Finally I Can Love God Forever Praising and Singing to God Welcoming Your Smiling Face Appearing Before Me We Celebrate Together to Praise God   Attachment to God Time Almighty God, the Most Lovely One A Song of Love for God Speaking to God From the Heart If I Were Not Saved by God O My Beloved, I Am Seeking You My Beloved, Please Wait for Me I Will Not Rest Until I Gain God God's Love Spreads All Over the World Almighty God, Now I Have You All the Peoples Praise Almighty God How Great It Is That Almighty God Has Come Almighty God Has Conquered Us Going Forward With You Through the Wind and Rain God's Love Spills Over the World Almighty God, My Heart Belongs to You The True Love of God Oh God, My Heart Will Forever Be Attached to You Song of Sweet Love (Version 2) Loyal to God Until the End Song of Heartfelt Attachment Where Is My Home I'm So Happy to Gain God's Love God's Love Has Awoken My Heart The Life of a New Person I Am Walking on the Road to the Kingdom I Treasure God's Word God Is So Lovely The Prayer of God's People (Version 1) I Want to Love God More Deeply My Love for God Will Never Change Happy to Be an Honest Person Yearning Those Who Sincerely Love God Are All Honest People The King of the Kingdom Appears in the East Oh God, My Heart Already Belongs to You Those Who Love God Are Truly Blessed Oh God, We Will Long for You Forever God's Love Awakens My Soul I Will Return God's Love The Path of Loving God Exposes Truth and Falsehood God Has Made a Group of Overcomers Repaying God's Love and Being His Witness Oh God, I Cannot Be Without You To Live a Person Must Have the Truth Determined to Follow God True Pursuit We Have to Choose Our Own Path I Live in the Presence of God Offer Love to God May We Know God’s Loveliness May God Once Again Move Our Spirits Resolved to Remain Utterly Devoted to God Eastern Light—My Salvation The Spirit of Peter—The Banner of Victory Running Toward the Path of Light I Will Submit to God’s Orchestrations in All Things Saints Throughout the Ages Are Reborn God Knows My Heart See Who Is Loyal to God Created by You, Belonging to You Rising Up Amidst Darkness and Oppression Self-Reflection Introspection Before God You Are in My Heart Peter's Prayer During Chastisement and Judgment We Will Follow Closely Expending Willingly for God True Love in the World A Time of Parting Life's Testimony Marching on the Path of Loving God I Wish to See the Day God Gains Glory Awaiting God's Good News God Has Worked Till Now, Why Does Man Not Understand? Repentance Our Hearts Are Sweetened by Enjoying God’s Words Lest I Should Fall and God Be Grieved Once More Yearning for God The Word of God Is My Life It's Our Good Fortune to Render Service to God You Are My True Life God’s Great Love Is as Deep as the Sea The Heartfelt Wish to Repent How to Recover the Lost Salvation Praise for God From the Descendants of Moab O God! I Don't Deserve Your Love God's Word Is the Light I Should Be Considerate of God's Heart An Awakening Through Judgment All of Mankind Comes to Worship God God’s Mercy Allows Me to Be Revived Again I Saw God's Love in Chastisement and Judgment A Heart-to-Heart With God The Prayer of God's People (Version 2) God Saved Me Judgment Awakened My Heart Let's See Who Testifies God Better The Heart's Voice of a Created Being (Version 2) I Wish to Dedicate My Entire Life to God I Have Seen God's Love The Cosmos Rings With Praise for God I'm Just a Tiny Created Being Song of Loving God Without Regrets (Version 2) Only Honest People Have a Human Likeness We Give Praise and Sing to God Who Is Considerate of God's Heart A Loyal Heart for God Be a New Person and Comfort God's Heart I Have Seen God God's Love God's Love Always Remains in My Heart My Heart Will Desire Nothing More I Will Always Keep God's Love in My Mind All the Way in Your Company (Version 1) All the Way in Your Company (Version 2) Why Is True Love So Hard to Find on Earth I Will Love God to Eternity God's Love Has Melted My Heart Only God Is Best God's Love Be Extolled Forevermore God Loves Us to Today God's Love Stays Forever Among Men Counting God's Grace Makes My Tears Flow Only You Can Save Me I Can't Say All That Is in My Heart The Heart’s Voice of a Created Being (Version 1) Who Understands God's Grief? God's Love for Mankind Searching for Intimates Oh God, You Give Me So Much Love I Will Let You Dwell in My Heart For All Time Life Is Precious I Will Rise Up Again Be Dauntless on the Path of Loving God Song of Loving God Without Regrets (Version 1) Always Yearn for God's Love Wherever You Go I Will Be Attached to You God's Ways Cannot Be Fathomed

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