971 Man Grows Under the Protection of God


When Satan corrupts and harms man,

God does not turn away.

Without attracting attention,

He does what’s necessary.

Verse 1

God selects your family

and the date you will be born.

He sees you come crying into the world,

He sees you speak your first words,

watches you as you stumble

and take your first steps as you learn to walk.

Verse 2

As you are growing up,

you may encounter many things;

some you’ll dislike, like illness and frustration.

But as you walk this path,

your life’s under God’s strict care.

You’ll live, grow up, mature under His gaze.

Chorus 1

God’s most important action

is to guarantee your safety,

guarantee you’ll never be

consumed, devoured by Satan.

In the course of humans’ lives,

all meet danger and temptation,

because evil is beside you,

you’re in the sights of Satan.

Verse 3

When disaster strikes you,

when calamities befall you,

when you are entangled in Satan’s web,

Satan will enjoy this.

But God protects you, guides you.

He controls the safety, joy and fate of men.

Chorus 2

He leads everyone by the hand,

He looks after everyone

with every passing moment,

and has not left your side once.

People grow up in this setting,

with this kind of background.

In fact people grow up

in the palm of God’s hand.


All God’s deeds bring men peace and joy;

and then they live before God,

accept God’s salvation with normal reason.

God is faithful, true in all things,

the God men can trust with their lives,

with all they have, the only One to count on.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 2. On Knowing God. God Himself, the Unique VI

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