985 Have Faith in Dispositional Change

1 A change in disposition does not happen overnight; this is a fact. The reason for this is that a change in disposition is the sort of change that is achieved through unearthing the source of a person’s corrupt essence. During this process, after undergoing so many things, perhaps you will only understand one aspect of the truth, and only after that will you achieve one aspect of a change in your disposition. Or, perhaps only after experiencing many people, events, things, and different environments, and after taking many winding roads, will you be able to achieve the slightest transformation. Regardless of the size of your transformation, it is precious in God’s eyes. He treasures and remembers it because you suffered a lot and paid a big price. God sees into the depths of people’s hearts, and He knows what your wishes are. He also knows what your weaknesses are, and even more so, He knows what you need.

2 In the Bible, there is a story about the return of the prodigal son. Why would such an analogy be made? It is that God’s will to save mankind is sincere. He gives people opportunities to repent and opportunities to change, and during this process, He understands people and has a profound knowledge of their weaknesses and the extent of their corruption. He knows that they will stumble. Thus, once we know what a change in disposition is, and when we understand what kind of process we must undergo to experience a change in disposition, we need not be afraid. Rather, we should have confidence. In terms of achieving a change in disposition, we can see that God’s work is both realistic and practical, and that He has the power to save humans from the essence of Satan’s corruption and to wrest them back from Satan’s hands. He also has the power and the wisdom to allow people to achieve a change in disposition.

Adapted from “What a Change in Disposition Is and the Path to a Change in Disposition” in Records of Christ’s Talks

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