948 People of the Last Days Have Never Seen God’s Wrath


From creation to today, no other group’s enjoyed

as much of God’s grace, mercy, or love as this final group.

Verse 1

Though in this final stage, God’s judged and chastised,

doing His work with majesty and wrath,

God mostly uses words to accomplish this work,

to teach and water, to provide and feed.

Bridge 1

Meanwhile, God’s wrath

has always been kept hidden.

Apart from God’s words of wrath,

few have seen His anger in person.

Verse 2

During God’s judgment and chastisement,

His wrath allows man to see

His majesty and intolerance of offense,

but it does not go beyond His words.

God’s words rebuke and expose man,

judge and chastise them,

even condemning them, but God is yet

to truly be angry with man.


God’s barely unleashed His wrath on man

except with His words.

Bridge 2

God’s mercy, lovingkindness

that man knows in this age

are true revelations of God’s disposition,

while God’s wrath is perceived from

the tone and feel of His words.

Many wrongly believe they’re truly

experiencing and knowing God’s wrath.

Verse 3

Most believe they’ve seen

God’s mercy and love in His words,

His intolerance of offense, and even

known God’s mercy toward man.

But no matter how badly man behaves,

or how corrupt they are,

God has always endured.


By enduring, God’s aim

is to wait for the words He’s spoken,

the efforts He has made, and the price He has paid

to achieve an effect in those whom God wishes to gain.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 2. On Knowing God. God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and God Himself II

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