937 Heed the Work of the Holy Spirit

1 What kind of people are enlightened by the Holy Spirit? Those who are nimble and meticulous in their thoughts. When they are given a feeling, and enlightenment, such people are able to realize that this is done by the Holy Spirit, that God wishes to work in this way. There might also be times when they are being reprimanded; as soon as they sense this, they are constrained—this is the kind of person enlightened by the Holy Spirit. In those who are careless, and lack spiritual understanding, they are given a feeling, but they are incapable of realizing it. They pay no attention to the work of the Holy Spirit, and so the Holy Spirit enlightens them no more. When they do not accept enlightenment three or four times in a row, then the Holy Spirit works no more.

2 Some people are not meticulous in their thoughts; they always base their judgment on their dreams. Can they make accurate judgments that way? Knowing yourself and understanding God’s will must be through the truth, through knowing, and through experiencing, not through external phenomena. The work of the Holy Spirit is especially real. Some are only capable of understanding the truth, but in terms of the work of the Holy Spirit, they have no experience. In the future, you must pay attention to the most subtle of feelings, the most subtle of light. When something happens to you, you must observe it and approach it from the perspective of the truth, and you will slowly enter onto the right track.

Adapted from “You Must Regard All Things From the Perspective of the Truth” in Records of Christ’s Talks

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