980 How Far Short of God’s Demands Are You?

Verse 1

No matter your beliefs, God’s words and deeds

are to help you understand His intentions

and increase your grasp of what He’s thinking,

what He wants to achieve,

what kind of people He’ll spurn,

who He likes and wants to gain,

and what He despises.

Bridge 1

They are meant to make it clear

and help you understand

how far the thoughts and deeds

of every one of you

have strayed from God’s standard.

Verse 2

You’ve long had faith and heard so much preaching,

but these are just the things you lack the most.

You’ve written every truth in your notebooks,

you’ve carved things in your hearts

that you think are important,

and plan to use all these things

to please God in your practice.

Bridge 2

You plan to use these things

when you are in need,

to get you through hard times,

or simply let these truths

be with you while you live.

Verse 3

If you’re just doing it, no matter how,

it’s not so critical, so then what is?

It’s while you’re practicing, you must know deep down,

with complete certainty,

if everything that you do—

your every single deed—

aligns with what God wants.

Bridge 3

Know if all you think and do,

if the goal you’re aiming for

will satisfy God’s will

and tend to His demands,

and if He accepts them.


Only these are essential.

Only these are essential.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 2. On Knowing God. How to Know God’s Disposition and the Results His Work Shall Achieve

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