996 How to Follow Well the Last Stretch of the Path


Remember that these words have been spoken:

You will go through greater tribulation.

Verse 1

To be perfected is not simple or easy.

Your faith must be at least as great as Job’s.

Your future trials will exceed those of Job;

you still must go through long-term chastisement.

If your caliber cannot be made better,

if you lack capacity to understand,

if the knowledge you have is too little,

then at that time, you won’t have testimony.

Bridge 1

You’ll become a joke,

you’ll be Satan’s plaything.

If you can’t hold visions now,

you have no foundation,

and you will be discarded!

Verse 2

No stretch of the path is easy to walk,

so make sure that you do not take it lightly.

Give this careful thought and prepare yourself,

so you may rightly walk the final stretch.

Don’t ignore this. It is the path for all,

the path ahead that must be walked.

Do not think God’s words are a waste of breath.

The day will come when you will use it all.

Bridge 2

Equip yourself now,

prepare to pave your path.

Worry how you’ll stand firm.

Be ready for the future,

not gluttonous or lazy!

Verse 3

Use your time wisely to gain all you need.

God gives you everything so you can understand.

Through greater tribulation, all will achieve

genuine understanding within themselves.

Bridge 3

These are the steps of the work.

Fully grasp today’s visions,

attain a true stature,

then your hardships won’t crush you;

you’ll find you can withstand them.

Verse 4

When God has finished this last step of work

and when He’s finished saying the final words,

then people will need to walk their own path.

This will fulfill the words previously spoken:


The Spirit has a duty

for every single person,

and work to do for each of you.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. How You Should Walk the Final Stretch of the Path

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