21 All of Humanity, Come to Worship God

1 Lightning flashes out from the East, shining directly upon the West; Christ of the last days appears in China to do His work. God expresses the truth, the true light appears, and everyone seeks it eagerly, drawn to it. God’s chosen have all come before His throne, worshiping Almighty God in all His authority and glory, listening to His voice, seeing His glorious countenance, observing His deeds. Like a sharp sword, God’s words judge and purify people, and they all prostrate themselves in shame, submitting before God. All God’s people are worshiping Almighty God. We thank God for bestowing upon us the truth and a path to salvation.

2 Almighty God’s work is so wonderful and wise; He uses Satan in service to perfect God’s people. We see that God’s words have authority and power, and have conquered a group of people and perfected them into overcomers. We praise God’s righteousness and holiness for being so very lovable. His words are the truth, the way, and the life, revealing people’s corruption, judging them for their unrighteousness, and perfecting all those who love God. God has overcome Satan, and the kingdom has arrived amongst humanity. God will rain down disasters, rewarding good and punishing evil. All of humanity, come before God to repent and admit to your sins. All of humanity, come to worship Almighty God.

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