298 I Want to Be God’s Confidant

1 Oh God! My heart longs to see You. Though I can’t see Your face, my heart prays and draws close to You all the time, and I am enlightened by Your words every day. I know Your words are the truth and are so precious, living before You is my greatest blessing. I see that Your righteousness and holiness are so lovely. Oh God! I want to be Your confidant.

2 Oh God! Only Your words can change me. Your words reveal that mankind is so deeply corrupted, arrogant and self-righteous, full of satanic dispositions. Seeing Your righteousness, I bow and worship You. It’s Your judgment and chastisement that have saved me. Never again will I live by satanic philosophies. Your judgment is a blessing, it is love. I gain the truth and I fall in love with You from the bottom of my heart.

3 Oh God! It’s You who cleanses and saves me, so rebellious and corrupted I am. I’m fortunate to be able to bear witness to and serve You today; this is Your tremendous grace and love. I want to love You sincerely and be Your confidant, to forever exalt You and bear witness to You, and serve You all my life!

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