638 What Will Happen If You Flee God’s Judgment?

Verse 1

Only in faith are you chastised and judged,

and through this you’re conquered and perfected.

Without this your faith would be in vain,

empty since you wouldn’t know God;

no matter how much you believed,

your faith would remain empty and vain;

only after obeying through conquest

does your heart turn to God and faith become true.

Bridge 1

Even if you suffer great judgment for faith,

nonetheless you have true faith,

and you receive the most real and true,

the most precious of things.

Verse 2

You may say if you had no faith,

then you wouldn’t be chastised or judged.

But without this faith, you’d never

meet the Creator or have His care.

You’d never know man’s origin or life’s meaning.

Even if you died, your soul departed,

you’d still not know all God’s deeds

or His great work on earth.

Bridge 2

As one of God’s created humans,

are you willing to fall into darkness

and suffer eternal punishment in ignorance?

Verse 3

If you avoid chastisement and judgment,

do you expect to escape this hard life?

If you leave this place, won’t you find

painful torments and the devil’s abuses?

Does evading judgment save you

from future torture, painful days and nights?

What will come your way?

Can it be the Shangri-La you hope for?

Bridge 3

Can you escape eternal chastisement

by running from reality like you do?

Will you ever find this opportunity

or blessings again one day?

Verse 4

Will you find them when disaster comes?

Will you find them when mankind enters rest?

Your happy life and family of yours—

can they replace your destination?

Bridge 4

If you have true faith and gain much through it,

then all that is what is rightfully yours.

Nothing is more beneficial to faith

and life than such conquest.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. The Inside Truth of the Work of Conquest (1)

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