1019 The Most Important Thing Believers in God Should Gain

1 God has bestowed His life on humans freely, thus making it become their life. Then what is it that humans have obtained from God? It is God’s life! Thus, what humans obtain from God is priceless, and, while God is bestowing this most priceless of things upon humanity, God gains nothing; the greatest beneficiary is humankind. Humans reap the greatest gains; they are the greatest beneficiaries.

2 Comparing such a great benefit obtained by humans with the promises that they imagine God would give them, or with the good fortune that they desire, which one does humanity most need? Which is more important: Your desire for blessings, or to genuinely live out the life that God has bestowed upon you? What can allow you to come before God and truly worship Him, so that He will not detest, abandon, or punish you? What can allow you to live forever?

3 Only by accepting the life that comes from God can you save your own life. If you obtain this life, then your life will be boundless; this is eternal life. If someone has not obtained the life that comes from God, then they must surely die, and that their life is terminable. Can a terminable life be called an eternal life? You obtain eternal life from God. Can your desire for blessings be any substitute? Can people’s desire for blessings save them from dying?

Adapted from “Man Is the Greatest Beneficiary of God’s Management Plan” in Records of Christ’s Talks

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