748 Job’s True Faith and Obedience Toward God

Verse 1

Job beheld Jehovah’s deeds over decades

and gained Jehovah’s blessings for him.

These blessings left him feeling indebted,

because he had done nothing for God

while he’d received such grace and great blessings.

Verse 2

So he prayed in his heart he could repay God,

hoping for the chance to bear witness

to the deeds of God and to His greatness,

hoping his obedience would be tested,

his faith made pure and he’d gain God’s approval.

Chorus 1

When his trial came, he knew that God heard him.

He cherished the chance more than anything.

He knew not to dare treat the trial lightly,

for his lifelong wish could now be realized.

This chance meant his obedience and reverence

could be put to the test and purified.

It meant Job had a chance for God’s approval,

thus bringing him closer to God.

Verse 3

Such faith let him become more perfect

and better understand God’s will.

Job also became more grateful to God

for the blessings and graces He bestowed,

and he praised the deeds of God even more.

Verse 4

He was more reverent of God and more fearful;

he longed for His loveliness much more

and also His greatness and holiness.

Though Job still feared God and shunned evil,

he grew by leaps and bounds in faith and knowledge.

Chorus 2

His faith increased, his obedience gained a foothold;

his fear of God had become more profound.

Though his spirit and his life had been transformed,

Job felt that this change was not enough,

nor did he let it slow his progress down.

As he added up his gains from the trial

and he thought about where he was still lacking,

he prayed, waiting for his next trial.


Job yearned for his faith and obedience,

and his fear of God to be elevated

during his next trial of God.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 2. On Knowing God. God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and God Himself II

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