944 To Live for Performing Your Duty Is Meaningful

1 It is these who accept God’s work of the last days who are the most intelligent. After undergoing judgment and chastisement for several years, they unconsciously come to understand the purpose of God’s management of humanity as well as the mystery of His management and salvation of humanity. They come to understand God’s will and know His sovereignty. They feel that they are living enriched lives, with ease, and with meaning. God allows you to live, and if you can live for God and live to perform the duties of a created being, then you are living a meaningful life. If you live the life of a walking corpse, devoid of spirit, not accepting truth, living only for the flesh, then you are not living a meaningful life, for your life has no value.

2 Out of all humanity, you are the ones God has predestined and chosen; you were born in this era, in the country of the great red dragon, and He allows you to be able to perform your current duties. You have been favored by God; you have been chosen by Him. This is a blessing. God favors you and allows you to expend yourselves for His sake, perform your duties in God’s family, fulfill a created being’s obligations, and offer up a portion of your energy. Is this not a blessing? Now your every day can be lived to testify to God and spread the kingdom gospel of God; it is approved by God.

3 God gives you this opportunity to live in this way and to expend yourselves for Him—this is something meaningful. You should treasure this opportunity, and feel proud and honored. To be able to perform this duty at this age, in this environment, and under these conditions is a very rare opportunity! God carefully selects from among humanity, and He has chosen you. This is your opportunity. This is your greatest blessing. This blessing is even greater than the blessings of the saints down through the ages and generations!

Adapted from God’s Fellowship

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