950 Man Makes Too Many Demands on God

1 People demand too much from God, and such demands are excessive; they are utterly irrational in how they are always asking Him to do things in this way or that. People are not able to completely submit to God or worship Him. Rather, they make their unreasonable requests according to their own preferences. They expect God to have a lot of tolerance, to be always patient with people, to communicate about the truth whenever He sees them, to always speak to them, and so on. You should reflect on these matters. Human reason is so flawed, is it not? Not only are they not able to completely submit to God’s orchestrations and arrangements or accept all that comes from God, but on the contrary, they impose additional requirements upon God. How can people with such requirements be faithful to God? How can they submit to the arrangements of God? How can they love God?

2 People all have requirements for how God should love them, tolerate them, watch over and protect them, and care for them, yet they have no requirements for how they themselves should love God, think of God, be considerate toward God, satisfy God, have God in their hearts, and worship God. Do these things exist in people’s hearts? These are things that people should do, so why do they not press forward diligently in these things? Some people can be enthusiastic for a time, but it is not lasting; running into a little setback can cause them to feel discouraged, lose hope, and complain. People have so many problems, and there are too few people who pursue the truth and seek to love and satisfy God. Humans are utterly irrational, stand in the wrong position, and see themselves as especially valuable.

Adapted from “People Who Always Have Requirements for God Are the Least Reasonable” in Records of Christ’s Talks

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