76 My Loving Attachment to God

1 Upon hearing a familiar voice knocking at the door to my heart, I see it is the Son of man, uttering words. His kind words warm my heart, His earnest calls waking me from my dream. I used to strive hard for reputation and status, and only paid lip service in terms of my love for the Lord. Only after being chastised and judged by Almighty God’s words did my obstinate, contrary heart make a turnaround. Through so many failures, falls, trials, and refinements, I have gradually been led to the present day, thanks to God’s words. The circumstances of God’s utterances still vivid in my mind, I am filled with loving attachment to Him.

2 Neither the vicissitudes of time nor changing world events can erase my loving attachment to God. Through persecution and adversity, I am accompanied by God’s words and led time after time to victory over Satan. I was once concerned about my flesh, and shed bitter tears over it, but God has used words to guide and enlighten me. Understanding of God’s intentions has brought me an inner strength, and undergoing hardship has only made me more resolved in my faith. It is God who has secretly safeguarded me through adversity; tasting so deeply of His love has made me even more attached to Him. Despite the tumultuousness and dangers of the road ahead, I will fulfill my duty to repay God’s love.

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