285 No Heart Is Better Than God’s

1 Having chosen to love God, I’ll submit to any trial He puts me through. Despite a bit of pain, I give no word of complaint. With corrupt disposition, man deserves judgment and chastisement. God’s word is the truth, I cannot misconstrue God’s will. In self-reflection I often find too much impurity. If I do not strive, I can’t be perfected.

2 With God day and night, I see how lovely God is. Through the revelation and judgment of God’s words, I see the truth of my corruption. Through God’s scrutiny, I am revealed to be very rebellious. I open my heart for communion, and understand the truth clearly. I tremble at the thought of offending God’s disposition. I warn myself not to rebel again, bringing God more pain.

3 Though I choose to love God, my love is adulterated with my own ideas. I must strive to attain a spirit like Peter’s. No matter how God receives my love, my only wish is to satisfy Him. Though hardships today are many, it is an honor to enjoy God’s love. Through hardship I learn submission. No heart is better than God’s.

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