930 A Normal State Leads to Rapid Growth in Life

1 At every stage, people’s states directly correlate with the degree to which they have entered the truth and how much of it they have obtained. When people’s states are relatively normal, they can understand and enter some truths; in turn, they can comprehend certain practical things based upon God’s words. They can also provide for and serve others. Some are not in the right state; even though they are seeking, and despite the fact that they read, listen, and communicate, they end up obtaining much less than people in normal states.

2 If there will always exist human impurities, revelations of their corrupt natures, and adulterations of human notions and imaginations, then internally, people must be completely muddled. How can this not affect their entry into truth? Only people with sober minds can understand the truth, and only people with pure hearts can see God. Only by emptying themselves will they be capable of receiving the truth with ease. When people’s hearts are in turmoil, it is difficult for them to understand the truth. Only those who understand the truth can recognize their own states to a certain extent, and only by knowing the essence of their problems can they understand their own nature.

3 If people’s states are correct and completely normal, then they will have true stature; as such, they are unlikely to slip or complain when faced with all kinds of issues. The way you seek at each stage and the state in which you seek are things that you cannot ignore. Carelessness will eventually bring trouble. When your state is normal, you will walk the correct path and do things correctly, and you will quickly enter into God’s words. Only by seeking this way can your life grow up.

Adapted from “You Should Use the Truth to Resolve Your Negative States” in Records of Christ’s Talks

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