47 Only Almighty God Is the Eternal Resurrected Life


Mountains and rivers change, streams flow their course,

man’s life is less enduring than the earth and sky.

Only Almighty God lives forever,

He’s the eternal resurrected life.

Verse 1

All is in His hands, Satan under His feet.

Because of God’s predestined selection,

He has now saved us from the grip of Satan.

So, yes, God is truly our Redeemer.

Christ’s resurrected life is wrought in us,

so we are destined to connect with God’s life.

Face to face, we eat and drink and enjoy Him.

This is God’s thorough, selfless commitment.

Verse 2

Winter passes to spring, through wind and frost.

Life’s many pains, persecutions and hardships

rejections, slander, government’s charges,

don’t diminish God’s resolve or His faith.

Setting aside His life, for His will’s sake,

God works hard to feed and water His people.

Though we are ignorant and hard, just obey Him

and His words and work will change our old nature.

Bridge 1

God labors tirelessly, forgoes food and sleep.

How many days and nights He has spent,

through how many scorching heats and freezing colds,

He watches wholeheartedly in Zion.

Verse 3

He gladly forgoes the world, home, and work,

with no worldly enjoyments touching Him.

His words touch us and show what’s deep in our hearts.

So, how can we not be fully convinced?

His words are realized any time in us.

Our deeds, public or private, He sees and knows,

and they will always appear before Him,

despite our own plans and our arrangements.

Verse 4

Sitting before Him, our spirits enjoy,

comfy, calm, empty, indebted to God.

It’s an unimaginable hard wonder.

Almighty God is the only true God.

The Holy Spirit amply confirms it.

We’re blessed! Only Almighty God can save us!

If it’s not for God’s grace and His mercy,

we will go to perdition, follow Satan.

Bridge 2

God has opened our spiritual eyes

to see the spiritual world’s mysteries.

The vistas of the kingdom are endless.

Be watchful, waiting, the day is close at hand.

Verse 5

War fires swirl, gun smoke drifts, climate changes,

weather warms, a plague will spread and people will die,

and there is a slim hope of survival.

Oh, Almighty God! You’re our strong tower.

You are our refuge, we hide under Your wings.

There calamity can now not reach us.

This is Your divine protection and care.

We sing praises, which resound in Zion.


Almighty God, who’s the practical God,

has prepared the glorious destination.

So be watchful, do be very watchful!

For the time is now not very far, not very far off.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Utterances of Christ in the Beginning, Chapter 5

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